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About K-Tahoe


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About K-Tahoe

Message from Darrell Wampler, President:

All of my life, I\’ve sought this type of opportunity. Broadcasting to make a difference. While on the air in Los Angeles, the station was a different sort. Kind of wild, whacky, and on the fringe, you know, different. Wherever I\’ve gotten involved, great things have followed. I think I have a nature to nurture good folks, and surround myself with people that we would all know, like, and trust. Taking KTHO live and local again will be a weighty project, which we will take in steps to bring radio back to the community. We\’re going to give lots of folks a chance for their voices to be heard and their talents stretched. We\’re going to promote local businesses and events. We\’re going to broadcast live from local events. Where people are, KTHO will be there as well. We appreciate your support and feedback. I can be contacted directly at

Darrell Wampler Quick Bio:

• Started in broadcasting in 1972 in Southern California: KEZY in Anaheim

• Production Director for KAGB-FM, Los Angeles, 1974

• Full Time on the Air KHNY AM/FM, 1975

• Drake-Chenault Radio Syndication 1976

• KROQ AM/FM Los Angeles 1976 ‚1982 PD, OD, On Air as \”The Insane Darrell Wayne\”

• Don Martin Schools, 1982-1984 General Manager

• TV Host of Leased Access ‚\”Free TV\” in the San Fernando Valley, CA 1986-1992

• Bachelor of Science ‚Business Admin ‚1997

• Masters Degree Business, Organizational Behavior ‚1999

• Editor 2005 to Present

• Gold Coast Broadcasting, On Air at News/Talk KVTA-AM and Classic Rock KOCP-FM

The Octopus in Ventura, CA 2005 to Present


Aerospace Executive 1985 – Present, held positions at the Director, Vice President, and President/Chief Executive level. Managed staff of up to 150 people, facilities of 100,000 sq. ft., and had P/L responsibility for $30-50 million in annual revenue.
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